Seriously, just close that tab and walk away.


Running a business is a big deal. You're expected to be an expert not only in your industry, but you’re also responsible for creating marketing content, keeping up with the latest social media algorithm changes, and writing killer emails that convert… among many other things.

If you’re feeling like work never ends, you’re probably right.

All these tasks are competing for the same 40 hours each week (okay, probably more like 50-60 hours) and that Netflix show you've been meaning to watch? Yeah, it's still sitting in your queue.

It's time to outsource some of these tasks and buy yourself some much needed mental space.



From my beginnings in the land of cheese to faking it as a proper Southerner, one thing has never changed... my love of words.

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I offer a few specialized writing services for small business owners who want to start outsourcing their copywriting to an expert!

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